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Making the most
of telephone sales

We all know that running a flower shop is not easy. It takes hard work and usually includes working more hours than we would like to admit. Floral managers and owners work long hours including every holiday and usually weekends. With most of your time dedicated to creating beautiful design work, it is increasingly difficult to take the time for implementing new business practices. How much time do you dedicate to advertising and marketing? What goals do you have for your business and what are you doing to meet those goals. With more and more competition coming from supermarkets, department stores, and floral chains floral shops must collectively strive to compete in this increasingly difficult business. In writing these articles we hope to create smarter business practices to make the most of your shop.

Let’s start with telephone sales. Many years ago I attended a floral show and one of the classes was dedicated to telephone sales. After going through this class I was amazed to find out how much I needed to learn. The gentleman running the class spoke of a little research he had done the week before. He called 20 floral shops intending to purchase an arrangement. While he had a budget of $100 he only told each floral shop that he wanted an arrangement for a birthday. Then he asked the shop what they would recommend. While some shops took full advantage of his budget most shops undersold. Many of the shops said what arrangement start at. When he asked them if the arrangement would be nice the sales person from the flower shop told them it would be lovely.  Some shops did upgrade the arrangement to $75 instead of $60 saying it would be much nicer, but only 4 out of 20 floral shops took full advantage of his $100 he was willing to spend. Here is the question. Would you have sold a $100 arrangement?

Now I know that every customer will not spend that type of money but this goes to a greater question. When on the phone, are you and your representatives trained to take advantage of every sale? Let me tell you this, businesses that are telemarketing floral products are. They are trained to make the most of their sale and then when they send the order through a wire service, the floral shop only reaps 73 to 80 percent of the order. This is why you need to make the most of every sale. Don’t be afraid to offer many different price points. Have a list of price ranges with different flowers for each arrangement already written down so you can support your information. Also, be prepared to tell your customers what makes your high end arrangements special with details of that arrangement.

You should have all this information written down so that your sales help can make the most of each sale.
Sample Telephone Call
Good Morning (afternoon) and thank you for calling ______________.  How may I help you today?
(If your customer asks for a vase, basket or container you can change your wording accordingly)
We have a beautiful selection of vases here at _____________.
Our vase arrangements start at 50, 60 and 75 dollars.  If you would like something special we have larger custom vase arrangements that are 100,125 and 150 dollars.
Are you prepared?

The biggest thing here is to be prepared. If your customer has a minor heart attack from the price ranges above $100 you can steer them to the 50 to 60 dollar range. Explain to them that an arrangement from 50 to 60 dollars will still be lovely but you also have to explain to them the difference between these arrangements and ones that are $100 and up. If you tell them that a $60 arrangement is amazing and includes every beautiful flower you have in your shop why would your customer ever spend more. Remember that if you offer a range of prices the customer will not usually pick the lowest one. If you offer arrangements at 50, 60, and 75 you will most likely be able to upgrade them from 50 to 60 or 75. If your customer wants to know the difference between your lower priced arrangements and your custom arrangements be prepared to tell them the difference. You might say that while all our vase arrangements are beautiful the custom vase arrangements are made in hand blown glassware and include barbaresco lilies, snap dragons, delphinium, large garden roses with curly willow and lush greenery in a open and airy garden style. While the details can be left for you to make, be prepared to have an answer for every question.
After the sale is finished do not be afraid to ask if there is anything else they need added to the arrangement. While every flower shop may not have custom greeting cards, candy, or balloons they should be offered if they are available.

You want to make the most from every sale and being prepared and having knowledge of your product can only add to your sales. Help educate your customers so that they know why they should purchase from a flower shop. What makes your shop special if you are just taking an order.  Year after year the numbers show that customers are purchasing flowers from a wider variety of stores other than the local flower shop. Collectively we must show customers that the knowledge that you have is needed in creating the floral needs they are looking for. Use that knowledge to create relationships and partnerships that your customers cannot live without. It will pay off in the end.


You want to make the most of every sale.
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